Hello Dear Reader,

My name is Tal and I plan to make at least 1 Million Euros or according to today's exchange rate 1,124,694.00 United States Dollars masternoding cryptocurrencies trough a company called yieldnodes.com.

Sounds bold and even a little crazy? Like one of those get rich quick schemes?


But I'm doing it already for roughly 8 months (as of 19.06.2020) without a hitch.. and I'm well on my way!

Initial Seed Money staked:
  • $5,000 on the 4.11.2019
  • $35,000 on the 14.11.2019
  • $13,000 on the 18.11.2019

and my final "pile up":

  • $24,000 on 15.01.2020

reaching 77,000 USD in deposits.

The USD has been exchanged to Euros.

Fast forward to 24.06.2020:

Current Size of My Share: 91,853.68 EUR - which is roughly 103,242.77 USD.

Withdrawals done: 11,595.72 EUR - which is ~13,033.58 USD.

(Updated: 19.06.2020)

But before I divulge more information you need to agree to the following:

Disclaimer: I do not own yieldnodes.com but i use their affiliate links, meaning if you follow my Masterplan and sign up with them - I get some commission. The commission I get is used for a good cause, myself :)

I'm not a financial adviser nor do I give financial advice. Everything you do and everything you participate in you do out of your own volition.. I'm not to blame on losses or wrongdoings!

Now with that out of the way:

I participate in yieldnodes.com since their inception in October 2019. I was approached to join and after having a few video calls with the now CEO and getting the concept explained I went in as always (typical Tal style) and deposited around 35,000 Euros..

Fast forward 8 months later I sit on ~92,000 Euros.. To be fair I made a redeposit of 8,577 Eur and now i'm going to grow the pile to 100,000 Euros after I will start withdrawing again.

This page is intended to be written as a diary.. From now on I will update on every step as well as update the counters to keep track of my progress (and throw a huge party once the goal is reached).

Keep Track of my progress:

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What is masternoding?

Masternoding can be compared to mining but it doesn't need any special hardware. Basically the guys over at yieldnodes configure servers with different coins and earn rewards for helping those blockchains work as intended. These rewards are high enough that they manage to yield 5-15% monthly.

Why do i believe this is real?

First of all the guys dont hide their identities.. They are 100% transparent on Linkedin.. Their CEO is an open guy and he takes his time if you want to setup Skype calls face to face.

In fact he took a lot of time explaining the business model and the risks to me. He allowed me to take a screenshot of that.

Me discussing with YieldNodes CEO Steve their program

You can reach him over skype yourself at (skype id: Steve25m). The business concept is sound as I have verified the market numbers on a masternodes monitoring site called masternodes online (link).

As long as there is big volume the system works. Of course a lot of these chains are bad projects so the art is in figuring out what servers to rent for what.. But there I trust their IT dude Urs S. with his 55 years of expertise in the IT field (Crazy Guy think Boss nerd but German and also verifiable in both identity and camera).

Am I biased?

I am.. as said I get remuneration according to their affiliate system.. and of course I'd rather reach a million faster so if you join me I have more masternoding capital to have more servers set up and more money coming my way!

If you want to learn more I suggest you jump over to yieldnodes.com and get going!

This website will be Updated with the latest stats accordingly every month so check back!


P.S.: here's my withdrawals history till now:

News (4.08.2020)

In 4 Days my withdrawal for 20.000 Euros is due at yieldnodes guys.. are oyu as excited as I am? .. Okay probably not but still! Im very confident in the guys ability to deliver.. will post the transaction once it happens here. Cant wait!! YIIIHA!

Update (13.07.2020)

I decided to have some cash in hand.. need to buy some luxury and reward myself. Punched in a withdrawal of 20.000 Euros today. According to YieldNodes I will receive it on the 8th of August (payday!) and I do not have the slightest doubt that it will hit my BTC account.

Steve and Urs have always been punctual.. so keep following me and watch me pocket the money.. and maybe you want to join the fun? Sign up here!

News (1.07.2020)

What a month. YieldNodes managed to make 12.1% putting me into the 6 figure area. Over 100.000 euros in! For the next I plan to withdraw as numbers are numbers are numbers and money is money.

Shot of new balance:

I reinvested it all

Feel free to follow me guys this is going great so far!

For the Record (24.06.2020)

I got a few Inquiries by some visitors telling me the numbers don't match up. I did not count everything accurately because the guys at yieldnodes.com started using a members area only in March so before deposits and withdrawals were all counted manually.. I withdrawn some 10,000 EUR before that are not shown in my withdrawals.. but didnt mention that .. so there are some slight discrepancies.. but as said this is more an online diary to me so.. sue me :)

The million is still far away but im itching closer ;) Will keep you in the loop!


My Diary created (15.06.2020)

Today, just launched this mini-website to keep you guys up to date! Join the fun at http://www.yieldnodes.com

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